Bio-Alternative specializes in all things biodiesel. We provide you the efficiency, value, and quality you need to stay at the forefront of biodiesel production. Our products, systems, and services are designed with you — and your future — in mind.

BioMobile 5800

The BioMobile 5800 advanced continuous-flow system takes advantage of Bio-Alternative’s patented refining technology to make biodiesel production easy and affordable. Our refinery converts a variety of conventional feedstocks to biodiesel at a fraction of the cost of traditional processing methods — and our B100 output per unit of feedstock input exceeds traditional methods by 8%. This compact refinery can be placed close to your primary source of feedstock, and can change locations when your feedstock source changes. Our companion pre-treatment and post-treatment units ensure that all grades of feedstock can be converted efficiently into B100 biodiesel that meets ASTM D-6751 standards. To learn more, visit


Bio-Alternative’s fixed refinery produces B100 ASTM D-6751 that is available for purchase. We combine the process of traditional methanol-based biodiesel production with Bio-Alternative’s unique refining methods, which feature our patented catalyst and resin beds in pre- and post-treatment. The results? Variability on the input side and consistent, high-grade biodiesel on the output side. An added benefit is that the Bio-Alternative approach yields less glycerin byproduct than conventional refining processes. Located in Covington, Ind., the refinery is close to rail and highway access for efficient transportation.

Storage Systems

The versatility of the BioMobile System allows it to be set up almost anywhere with access to tank capacity for inputs and outputs. Because of this, the tank and storage configurations are almost limitless. Bio-Alternative can assist you with the design of a system that will capitalize on your existing assets to construct a storage strategy that provides performance and flexibility. We can also provide compatible hardware that allows you to connect to a variety of different storage components.

Bio-Alternative Catalyst

The Bio-Alternative patented catalyst is a precise combination of alcohols and catalysts that are pre-mixed and ready for use. No other additives are required aside from the oil feedstock, and the end result produces significantly less glycerin byproduct than the conventional refining process. Depending on your configuration, the catalyst can be delivered directly to your BioMobile unit via truck or rail. We will work with you to set up a delivery schedule from reliable suppliers to keep your refinery running 24–7.

Site Design & Permitting

The seasoned team at Bio-Alternative is ready to help design the system that best meets your needs. From site evaluation and design to budgeting and meeting with investors, our services provide you the support you need to design the refinery that meets your needs. Engineering services include engineered site adaptation, site access, pad design, civil engineering, spill containment, load-in and load-out facilities, control systems, system paralleling, and software design and development. In addition, we work with our clients to secure EPA permitting.

Setup & Commissioning

Our team is experienced in setting up and commissioning a wide array of refining and manufacturing systems — and we’ve done it across the world. Whether you just need someone to periodically review your progress or you need turnkey support, we can provide you assistance to get your refinery up and running for optimal trouble-free operation. We can also provide investors complete management support — set up, optimization, operation, staffing, purchasing chemicals, monitoring, and most of the other day-to-day responsibilities.